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    Projects, Sale
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    2 & 3 BHK

Detail & Description

Kaveri is designed in such a way that it is flows across to natural beauty with lush green meadows, trees, plants. It is mixture of abundant elements such as natural light, apt ventilation, spaciousness and all this combined at an ideal location. It is thoroughly designed with motto of giving utmost comfort and ultra satisfaction to the residents. The location is amidst beautiful environs that evoke nature’s glamour. It is surrounded with pristine and away from crowd, pollution and noise. Natural light of sun will be your alarm and moon will bless you with feel of paradise. Feel the intrinsic breeze in smartly designed home where air circulation is easy. The architecture is not just simply visually perfect but it is planned logically which can provide ample spaciousness and feel of elegance. Unnecessary blockages and walls are avoided to give feel of abundant comfort and smart spaces.

Map and Location